The Women of Primrose Creek (Omnibus): Bridget/Christy/Skye/Megan - Linda Lael Miller
Bridget: really really short and rushed. I didn't get enough of a sense of Bridget or Trace to actually be invested in their relationship. I didn't sense a whole lot of chemistry between them and their backstory was a bit weak.

If it had been longer than 136 pages all of this could have been addressed

Christy; skimmed through hers because I couldn't stand her personality or her agenda.

Skye: I had been waiting for this story and yet I was underwhelmed. There was more conflict in this so while it made the story the most interesting of the compilation, it also shone on a light on the omission of relationship development.

It bothered me that in Bridget's story Jake was shy and sort of endearing, in Christy's he became a bit cold and unappealingly pragmatic (I never got the sense that he actually loved Christy) and in Skye, he's still pragmatic but all of a sudden he has a fire that the previous books have no indication of. What I'm trying to say is that his character development baffles me. It's like reading about three different characters that happened to be named Jake.

Megan: skimmed through. Selfish like her sister Christy so I couldn't really dig her (I thought that since the last book and yes she sort of redeemed herself....).

My biggest complaint was after a while the characteristics of the girls ran together so that they sometimes seemed like one in the same.

This was not my favorite LLM.