A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses  - Molly Harper
Didn't particularly love this one like I have the others.

Nola was difficult to get a bead on and was also pretty ineffectual as both a leader and a clue gatherer/mystery solver. Things and objects either fell in her lap through the work of Jane and Co. (Yep, Jane and crew are a big part of this story and others from the series are either referenced or have a bit part - which is weird considering they are part of this series) or through no real work of her own.

Jed and Nola have chemistry but it wasn't singe my eyebrows off chemistry, in face I felt like I was told they had chemistry as opposed to actually feeling it.

I more or less saw most of the twists (not the BIG one but most) and still couldn't really dredge up much of an interest in the search or the result. It's all because of Nola though. Not the writing. Harper has her trademark sarcasm and humor with her little Easter eggs (there's a Princess Bride reference for ex) but there was something about this heroine that I didn't fully warm up to.

I will say this is a decent introduction to Jane's series if you haven't read her yet but there are tons of spoilers. So, if you plan to read the Nice Girls series and haven't done so yet; hold off on this installment in the Hollow series and start on Jane.

*** If you read the "Sublet" novella: Nola's story should have been a short story while Tess' story should have been the full length.