Angel's Ink - Jocelynn Drake

I typically don't read books with a male protagonist POV. The Nightside series and Timothy Zahn's rail series are about it.

Which is why I was surprised that I wanted to read this and was even more shocked to discover I liked it.

It's a weird little world that Gage and co. live in but it's a decent one that he's managed to carve out. Despite being a renegade warlock who is constantly on, Gage keeps his head down...for the most part. Only allowed to use magic for self-defense, he stretches that line further and further in this story but somehow manages to live to tell the tale.

But not without some heavy consequences.

My issue with this book was that there was a lot going on and there wasn't one thing to focus on for very long. I could say this book was about Gage fixing a mistake with a client named Tera or trying to protect Trixie from her clan or trying to stay alive while his old magic mentor tried to kill him. I wouldn't be wrong with any of it.

The two plots seemed to be Tera and Simon. It wasn't difficult to follow and all points converged but it might have been better to focus on one major plot point at a time (especially for a first-in-series) so that we could get to know our characters better. Especially Trixie and Bronx. I would've liked to know more about them. I know that there are novellas featuring them but that's not really the point.

Also, I got annoyed with the "let's protect everyone by not telling them anything therefore creating unnecessary drama and making me a martyr" complex that Gage seemed to have. I get not spilling his innermost feelings but when danger abounds, please spill the beans.

All in all it was a very exciting and entertaining book and I look forward to reading the next one.