Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
This is not a parenting book. Do not buy or read this book if you are looking to get tips on how to feed, bathe or do tummy time with little Bobby or Petra.

This is a book for parents or parents-to-be that have irreverent senses of humor, slightly terrified and just a little judgmental of all of the parenting shenanigans that have been going around.

I'm a first time mom (due very soon) but I'm also the oldest of five girls. With BIG age gaps, so I've done Mommy Jr. before and some stuff I can agree with. Others, I have no experience.

You take this book with a grain of salt (even knowing she's friends with Chelsea Handler which was a big -1000 for me at the beginning) and you'll find yourself laughing at yourself, at others and at her.

I will admit that, while I have no love for attachment parenting or the discipline your child until she/he hates you, Wilder's tone is a bit harsh about those forms of parenting. What she's trying to present is a bit of balance and instinct.

Hey, to each their own.

However, there are definitely some parts of the book that I can relate to already and for that, I can forget who she's friends with.