How to Romance a Rake - Manda Collins

Loved the main characters, especially Alec. Also really liked how Collins kept Cecily and Winterson around and didn't just make them cogs in the plot wheel.

More to come.


This one was by my far my favorite. I'm ashamed to admit that the third one with Maddie didn't even get finished because I just couldn't stand her as a main character.

However, I'm not reviewing that book. I'm reviewing this one.

Juliet, oh poor poor Juliet. If I were her, I would've had a lot more moments of self-pity. I also would've been a lot angrier so kudos to her for being a fairly normal and adjusted character.

The attraction and the resulting affair between Juliet and Alec read quite believably. Full of genuine affection, they had a good banter and were both good for each other.

It was no surprise when the typical "Oh shit, I love this person" epiphany happened but it was nice when it did.

BY the way, you will hate Juliet's mom more this book than you ever did in the previous ones. Her diabolical selfish scheming hurts her daughter and Alec. In fact, Alec really comes through on this one. If I were either one of them I would've popped Momma in the face for what she does.

I do have to admit that Cecily is a bit weird in this book. Sort of prickly and annoying. However, she is there for Juliet when the latter needs her and Winterson, well he's there to be a genuinely awesome it all works out.

I do recommend this book in the series. Especially if you like your heroine to have some sort of physical flaw that she needs to overcome.