Sealed with a Curse - Cecy Robson
Surprisingly really good. I didn't have any expectations when I walked into this world. Ok, that's a lie. I expected this to suck.

I was, wonderfully, proven incorrect.

At times funny and wry, this story could've used a little exposition in the beginning so that we had a better idea of what was going on exactly in the world of Weres and Vampires. By the time you get to the middle of the book, there are a few things that could've been clarified (like Celia's power, the idea of Bloodlust and the purity of werewolves) but you're so invested into what's gonna happen with Celia that you're along for the ride and your disbelief has been fully suspended.

Some issues that I had: How all of the girls ended up with werewolves. Really? That seemed to easy and too heavy handed in terms of furthering the plot. How convenient that anytime the werewolves were needed they were either there or could get there really quick due to their affection for the Wird girls.

Taran's bitchiness. I like a hard woman. I like kick-ass woman. But there's a difference between a bitch and someone tough. I didn't get to see enough of her non-bitch side in order to care whether or not she had a mental breakdown or survived or frankly, anything.

Celia's oscillation between toughness and pathetic teenager puppy love girl. I get that she's attracted to the the Alpha. Hell, I've read enough werewolf and shifter books to recognize the idea of "mate" when I see it but how did the Alpha not? How is it Celia didn't have the backbone to confront him after that blonde bitch said she was pregnant?

The Curse mentioned in the title. Would've been nice to have started with that.

The 'love-triangle'. It was clear that Celia only wanted one person. The idea of a love-triangle annoyed me. It didn't detract always detract from the story (the dinner on the porch was hilarious) but it did cause a lot of childish angst that was unnecessary.

Why were the wolves so frikkin' claw-happy? Every single time that Celia and the Wird's met with the wolves they were either fighting or about to fight. I mean, it's a bad thing when the vamps are the more polite in a fight.

Things that worked? Everything else. Celia's dedication to family, her fierceness, her inability to back down from a fight that will protect innocents, and her ability want to help and learn.

The sisters, even Taran, were delightfully original. Nothing was cookie-cutter about them. I wish Shayna would drop the 'dude' but she's one of my favorites so I can live with it. I wish I could say the same for the wolves. The only ones that I can remember are Domino and Aric.

Misha was perfect as the smarmy arrogant vampire who needed help.

All in all it was a good book and I can't wait to read the next one.