Immortally Yours - Angie Fox

There was a lot of dialogue and short sentences but very little real exposition. No one likes a bunch of expository paragraphs but in this case, it would have helped. Petra wasn't as developed as she could've been. Maybe if she had, I wouldn't have raised a brow at some of her decisions and reactions.

Perhaps then I wouldn't have wondered just what the hell was going on with her and Galen so damn quickly getting head after knowing the man for a few hours makes me go "what?".

I don't mind insta-lust, if it's done right. I can handle insta-love if it's handled right too. I will say with this book, the insta-lust was handled correctly to a point.

Galen was too perfect by far. I know he's a demi-god but come on, give him some damn flaws. I love imperfect characters and it seemed that Petra had all the issues while Galen had none. Very unbalanced and made me want to slap Petra upside the head at times.

I have to admit that I really liked Shirley and Kosta and am rooting for a sub-plot romance with these two . Rodger seemed whiny and annoying at times and Marius was a bit of a bitch. Until all of sudden he does a 180 toward the end of the book (ex. of Galen being perfect).

Even with all of its flaws,there is something about this book that kept me reading. Even when I was like "Are you fucking with me?". Don't kid yourself though, this is a beach read. There are things that going to annoy you and make you wish that there had been a better content editor but you'll still read it. Because you sort of want to know what happens. I mean, the war itself seems a bit stupid and the idea of a prophecy that actually seems to have less to do with Petra than originally thought is a bit "eh" and all of this could've been done better. But! It's an interesting premise with forward and fast paced dialogue and action. You'll be halfway through the book before you know it.

I love M*A*S*H. I used to hate the reruns when I was a little kid but as I got older I began to appreciate it. It doesn't hurt that my maternal grandpa is cousins with Alan Alda. So I have a sentimental reason to love that show.

Fox did a great job bringing the elements of the show that made it funny, endearing and poignant into the book. There is a feeling of paying homage, not blatant ripping off, so kudos to Fox.

This is a beach read. It's fun and flawed. Take that advice for what it is and don't go in expecting Pynchon.