Blood Price  - Tanya Huff

This was a fast paced book that went from zero to sixty in ten seconds. This is a good thing because as of right now, no one but Henry is that likeable.

One thing to look out for is that while this book reads like a television show (which makes sense considering the eponymous show of the same name)it also does weird POV shifts. Now, there are three main characters. In order, Vicki, Henry & Mike. Now, Mike has less page time but he's mentioned a lot and is in a lot of Vicki's scenes. That's all well and good but when then you get the POV of a security guard, the victims, the killer, and some random people that interact with the mains before switching back to the main characters. That can be a little distracting and pull you of of the story.

This book could have also benefited with a better editor. There were a few mistakes and duplicate words (that were not done on purpose) as well a huge continuity error toward the end of the book when Henry is racing against time to find Vicki.

Character wise I felt that the only one with any true development was Henry but that's because his story was told in flashbacks. Vicki, could've used more of explanation. Especially in terms of her relationship with Celluci.

photo tumblr_m07v5o4zLI1qbpu17.gif

All we got from them is that they were partners and lovers and they were competitive. They frequently yelled at each other and the last thing they discussed was Vicki's leaving the department due to her retina pigmentosa - essentially, she's going blind. Why, Mike wasn't more understanding I don't know but we get the gist that he feels that she abandoned him.

Ok. That's something but why they're friends I don't know. I mean they very literally yell at each in this book. How is that possible with the written word? Caps. All Caps.

So they fight, they sleep together and yet it seems that they might harbor a tendresse toward one another. I don't get it because all they do is seem to hate each other and fuck. A relationship based on sex and fighting is not a relationship at all and I think I'm gonna need to see some bending before they break if I'm to buy into this relationship

When Vicki isn't with Mike, she's a much better character. She's smart, inquisitive and persistent as hell. She's also open minded and fully aware of what she's capable of, which is why she partner with Henry she's okay with some of the boundaries set. You really see Vicki through her relationships with others. Through her eyes (Pardon the pun), she's insecure and infirm. It's through others that we get the whole piece of her. She's a great detective, a caring handler, a loyal friend, a former excellent cop, she has great hunches and is brave. Her relationship with her mother is interesting and something that I hope we get more of as the series progresses.

Mike. Mike Mike Mike. I liked you on the five episodes of Blood Ties that I watched but in this book:

photo tumblr_lzs1a4Q4AZ1qmfzw3.gif

Let's hope he becomes less of a foil and more of a character as the series continues.

Now onto Henry. If you've ever seen the show please note that he's not quite as smoothly knowledgeable in the books. Which is a good thing. It makes him more relateable. He's going through some vampire ennui when we meet him and it adds a depth and a fallibility that makes Henry's passages enjoyable. He and Vicki have something going on, you can feel it when they share a scene. When I first contemplated this series, I was rooting for Mike but now after seeing what Vicki's relationship with him is, I'm hoping for something with Henry. I mean, he's got over 400+ years of experience...if you know what I mean.

Plot wise, the book made sense but I wish we didn't have the killer's POV. It would've made the suspense all the more real.

There was just something about this book that kept me reading and something about it that makes me want to read more.