The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress

By all rights I should have loved this book, devoured it in one sitting and sat back and patted my stomach and been content.

But there was so much silliness (and not in the funny way) that I found it hard to concentrate on the point of the book. Half the book could have been edited down or revamped so that our girls had something to do a bit earlier on and the plot could've kicked in so that it could've been followed with interest.

There were a lot of things that I found wrong with this book but the one thing that was done right was the banter between the girls. I liked the girls, there was something about Cora, Nellie & Michiko that kept me reading this book.

However, this book does suffer with the crazy amounts of POV. It didn't flow as coherently or as smoothly as it should've or, maybe, could've. Just as you were getting involved with one character the next chapter brought you back to another. It's hard to stay interested when your attention is constantly divided. This book could've served with one narrator (possibly Cora) but because the girls are so spectacular, maybe each subsequent book or even each section could've had a different narrator. Something to make more of a connection between reader and character.

This book wasn't bad. That's the issue with rating it. It was simply, ok. It had potential and it fizzled, for me at least.

There were also lots of anachronistic vernacular. It drove me a little batty. It pulled me out of the story for a minute and made me shake my head.

All the girls are great separate but together they are awesome. Raheem, seems to be the only boss that I like and have any respect for, so if there's another book I only hope he's like the Charlie to the girls' Angels.

It's a good YA to pass the time on the beach but don't expect too much from it and you won't be disappointed.