Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland
Um...I not sure this is the same series that I love.

I don't hate this book but it felt completely off the mark and very off kilter. Character wise, that made sense, story wise I ... I don't know.

I'm not happy with Kara's intimate choices (as it seems that she needs to possibly invest in a vibrator and not just jump anything)and this whole Ryan/Szerain thing is enough to give a girl a headache. I get that Kara is confused but for the first chapter or two all that she thought about was whether she may be in love with Ryan and then she confused herself and slept with Rhyzakhl and then with Mzatal.

I mean of the two, I'd have chosen Mzatal hands down. In fact I like him and he works well with Kara (something I usually never say about an "interloping" character) but it sort of felt like Rowland picked a choice for Kara and without any closure to the reader changed her mind. It's a hard adjustment and it leaves me with a feeling of discontentment with Kara. I understand what she went through, that was handled really well, but I guess I hoped that she would choose to remember Ryan and what she felt instead of pushing it away.

It just bugged me to no end

The world building was amazing on this one but the story itself felt discombobulated as if it didn't know which way it wanted to go. I really enjoyed the grove scenes and can't wait to learn more about Kara's connection to them. She has definitely improved as a summoner and it's gonna be quite awesome to see her dole out her justice. I wished we had seen more banter between her and well, anyone.

Sidebar, I think I love Gestamar.

I guess that's the best way for me to summon up this book. Kara is becoming a great summoner with amazing potential for both good and bad but she is definitely backsliding in the personal department.