Wall-to-Wall Dead - Jennie Bentley
I gotta say, I really didn't love this one. It started out with promise but the mystery came around too late and Avery just seemed off.

As the mystery is getting wrapped up, something became so obvious that it begged for a deeper investigation. So obvious that I figured it out and the ended up figuring out the whole thing.

Also, Avery was particularly sanctimonious in this installment and it rubbed me the wrong way she freaks out when she finds out Jaimie is a stripper and has such a prudish and disgusted attitude toward strip clubs and establishments that it actually shocked me. I don't mind the latter part but to look down on Jaimie, especially after her story was told, was a little wrong. Then she became really weird when she found out Jaimie and Josh had a one night stand and it wasn't just because she was friend's with Shannon. It had happened before Shannon and Josh had started dating and while shocking, you can't expect someone to remain celibate. Also, finding out that Robin escaped an abusive past Avery gets on her high horse and mentally chastises the woman for her choice. On top of that, it seemed she was more understanding and sympathetic of Candy's adultery. I don't know what happened to Avery in this book but she sort of pissed me off

Derek had a bit more of a backbone this time around calling Avery on her stupidity and let's talk about that for a minute. Avery is using not TSTL - she gets herself in situations which are life threatening but hell, it's a mystery and she doesn't seem to have a desperate wish to throw herself so blatantly in the line of fire. This time around, she just did so many dumb things. I was surprised that she hadn't ended up injured by chapter 10. SMH

Is it a bad one? No but it doesn't live up to the other books in the series. I mean, I even hated the apartment.