One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire


Yes yes yes it is! Happy Birthday Toby, you've grown up!!!!!!

I've never really liked Connor because his backbone is as convenient as his ability to shift into a seal, so let's not talk about him.

Let's talk about the solid plot, the above average detecting, and finally finally having a Scooby Gang of your own!!!'ve made me proud. You never lost me or made me want to slap you for missing something obvious or to kick you when you stared dumbly at someone/thing. No no, this time you were intelligent, emotional and very much the character that I wish you had been two books ago.

But it's ok. I still love you. I've always loved you. Short of killing off Tybalt, I will always love you. (I never said my love was unconditional)

Here's some things I would've liked to see more of:

- more May. I actually missed her this time around.
- Luna. How is that ol' gal doing. I mean, now that she's not longer Kitsune, how is she coping
- A better wrap up than elf-shot on Raysel
Gilly. Wish we had a few more scenes
As much as Connor annoys me, I'm glad he went out a hero. I also like the very realistic idea that no one realized that he was dying/dead because of near immortality that the Fae have but I would've liked a better explanation as to why it was so so so deadly to Connor. Did Raysel mix it with something? I mean, who knows

I loved the banter between Tybalt and Toby. I mean, people like Tybalt. More please!!!!!

Also, Toby toward the end of the book was a nice mix of what she was and what has become. Her emotional reactions, her confrontations, and her singlemindness.

She's a hero not a detective but in this installment, she managed to blend a little more intelligence into her heroism.