Splendid - Julia Quinn
This is Julia Quinn's first novel and you can tell. She's a great writer, even here in the first book, but because I've read all of her later stuff, I can tell that she hasn't hit her trademarks yet. There is humor and wit and amazing romance but I felt that the heroes were sort of .... grumpy and possessive in an annoying way.

I really liked Emma and couldn't help but hear Katherine Hepburn in my head every time she spoke. Alex was amiable and dashing and perfect for Emma but I just wish he hadn't have been so authoritative and ... again, grumpy.

Though this is her first book, you can see that she's got talent (and why she's one of my favorites) and a knack for writing heroines that, while not always relatable, are at least entertaining.

Point is, Quinn gives good romance.