Roast Mortem - Cleo Coyle
A 3.5.

This mystery was actually a little confusing and I didn't figure out who had done it until maybe 40 or so pages away from the end. I was more into the relationship between the Quinn's and the progression of the relationship between Clare and Mike.

Matt was a sweet guy in this book and I have to wonder why he's married to Breanne. I can't stand that woman!

I dig Sgt. Franco and hope to see him again, he would be give Matt a run for his money if Joy ever comes back ;)

Good use of memories and threats. Liked seeing NYs Bravest and as a NYer myself, it was Really nice to see a book take place in Queens as well as Manhattan. I do have to give the authors credit for that, they aren't afraid to take Clare to Queens when most books that take place in NYC won't leave the island unless it's a quick trip to the Bronx or Brooklyn. sigh.

Anyway, good mystery and good relations. Look forward to the next one.