The True Love Quilting Club - Lori Wilde

While I admit that there were certain parts of this book that could've been fleshed out more Emma/Trixie's desire to change her name, the actual dating of Sam and Emma , this was still a book that made me sigh with happiness when I closed the book.

Emma has had a crappy life, abandoned by a selfish unfit mother to a man who can't love her as a father should, she has one true friend - Sam Cheek. The kind of boy that all of us would love to have had had as a friend and the boy that most of us would have fallen in love with. Kind, steady and with an unflagging belief in Emma, it makes sense that they fall in love at the age of 14. But as childhood often is, adult decisions separate them until 12 years later when Emma is down and out and Sam is a widowed father of a mute boy.

They meet and it's pretty steamy, the tension between them, I just wish there had been more conversation about Emma's reluctance. It seems that while Emma can 'rattle' Sam's cage, Sam doesn't really shake her out of her belief that she is unworthy of love and family. Granted, Sam is a kind, patient and calm kind of guy (He's a small-town vet) and Emma is an exuberant struggling actress so it makes sense if I think about their personalities. However, Sam changed his personality a bit and I still would've liked to see it. Maybe a bit more talking and a little less banging (although, it was pretty hot).

I could've used more Charlie too. He really could've been a vehicle for Emma to face her own issues.

I felt the ending was a bit rushed and this is going to sound odd but after they had sex, I feel like Sam sort of became a one dimensional character. Maybe it's because their dating wasn't completely fleshed out and it was all about their sexy times, but I felt like I lost Sam and then he became flat, which sucks because he was a pretty good hero. I think if the last third of the book had been fleshed out and the characters not made into passive footnotes in what must have been a mad rush to the deadline, then I could've given this book a proper four . Despite my reservations about the ending, it was still worth the read. A great beach read actually.