Shadow Kin - M.J. Scott

Great first book with an interesting set-up, good leads and realistic motivations and fears. My one complaint as the switch of POV between the two characters that came on suddenly without a real set of rules. The change of symbols will help you later on to determine who is going to be speaking but it took me awhile to figure out.

I could have used more of a deepening explanation as to the machinations of Lucius and the gains of others. Lucius felt menacing but sort of one-note. I also would have liked more intimacy between the main characters I get that they fall in love but why, especially if Lily has never had a real choice before, is she going to from one shackle to being another man's girlfriend? I want to know why she loves him and I would have liked more talking and gestures other than the lust that, Simon -at first- primarily felt. I like that they are together. Simon is the complete opposite of her former life and he will help her tremendously but I think a further deepening of Lily's feelings as well as their bond, needed to be explored further.

Again, great first book and am looking forward to the next.