Wild Sweet Ecstasy - Jo Goodman

2.4 stars and the .4 is only because I like Jo Goodman.

I don't know what happened in this book though. The Michael was a disappointing & annoying heroine, Ethan - while slightly more sympathetic - had potential that went nowhere. And the ending? The ending was unneccessarily drawn out.

There are better Historical "Wild West" romance to read, hell there are better Jo Goodman's to read. Skip this if you can. If you can't. It's not bad but it surely isn't great. If you aren't overcome with the same need to clip Mike on the jaw or have the urge to shake her, then you're a better reader than I am. How Ethan put up with her, especially while risking his own neck for her, I'll never know. But logic tells me that when you're in a situation in which you could die over the littlest thing, you might want to pick the devil you know and do as you're told. So, a big pat on the back for Ethan and even bigger pat on the back if you're going to venture into this one.