Moon Dance - J.R. Rain

The storytelling was intriguing and appealing and kept my interest but it also felt a little rushed. Perhaps that has something to do with the overall length of the story (not quite a book not quite a novella) but I wish more time had been spent on the characters and development.

The technical aspect of the book is what kept me from rating this any higher.

There was a lot of telling v showing, there were some continuity errors (Wendy's wrapper vs Burger King wrapper) and there was quite a lot of repetition under the guise of something new (a lot of it is Sam waxing about her new life and how confused she was).

The characters had potential, even Samantha wasn't as fleshed out as she could've been. If this book ever gets re-written for mainstream release I would hope that everyone gets fleshed out that way the reader can care a little bit more about their outcome Kingsley and Sam end up together but I didn't feel any sense of magnetism more like a polite interest. So, when he says he's falling in love with her I was quite confused. The two characters had spent very little page time together. Kingsley had the making for a great Alpha male -- a little like Roarke from the "In Death" series - but aside from his cunning remarks he had very little to recommend himself in terms of a love interest. I do hope that the next book molds this character into something fully formed

The sister and the anonymous web friend I could've done without. They were definitely not as necessary as they could've been.

The one thing that stuck in my side in terms of pacing was when Danny took the kids and there was a strange sense of relief for Sam. Maybe it was the way it was written (I don't think so) but I felt it was too soon for her to recognize that she had freedom (this was a few chapters later). After having read the past few chapters with her saying she would be gutted if they were taken away. Not only that, a few paragraphs before she is nearly killing her husband with the idea of him taking the kids of away .

This was an interesting book and I would definitely read it again if ever gets rewritten but as it stands now it is a half-formed story with awesome potential. The length of the story really didn't do this justice. It should've been longer and more detailed with a nice helping of more showing and less telling.

To note, this story has some pretty easy-flowing dialogue which is always a plus for me and the heroine is pretty kick-ass. I will be reading the rest of this series because she has me hooked.