Dead Giveaway - Leann Sweeney

Another solid installment in the Yellow Rose series.

This time we deal with a bi-racial child who is looking for his birth parents. This time Abby's adoption mystery is very closely connected to another case, one that her boyfriend Sgt. Kline has caught.

There is a bit of racial tension in this book and as it is Texas that makes it understandable especially when Abby is dealing with the older Texan generation.

Anyhoo, Abby is in more danger than usual, Jeff proves that he's a good guy and there are a new set of interesting side characters.

I'd wager to say that this book was a bit more serious than the previous two.

The only thing that bugged me was the Texan sayings. There was too much this time. I understand that this is a fairly common occurence but as a New Yorker I wanted to roll my eyes.