Highborn - Yvonne Navarro

Dark fantasy with a bit of religious mythology thrown in.

You have the prerequisite 'doesn't believe in things I don't understand' cop, a fallen angel who is looking for redemption and some really scary baddies. Put 'em all together and what do you get? A PNR.

This isn't a typical PNR. Yes, the formulas used are familiar but the execution is something different. Brynna is seeking redemption, something most fallen don't do, and she has been in Hell so long (and she has never been human) that she doesn't recall what it's like to interact with us fleshy squish-bags. She wants to learn but she also needs to stay alive long enough to not get sent back to Lucifer who will most assuredly torture her.

The form that she took is one that is pleasing but not overtly so. She could if she wanted to,I mean, she is a Goddess of lust (and oh so much more but I hesitate to spoil too much) and she understands the ways of men. However, she's trying to be good. Meaning, she is quite literally using her powers for good :) All of that would've been perfect if on her first day on Earth a nephilim wasn't killed right in front of her. And if she hadn't run away from the crime scene. Oh and if she hadn't shown off her impressive linguistic skills. Then maybe Eran Redmond and his partner wouldn't have gotten so interested in her. Especially Eran.

The action is well-paced and the motives behind actions are explained well and easily understood but I do have a few complaints. Number one, the back and forth POV's from about five or six different characters. I think Eran and Brynna would've sufficed and maybe a few instances of the main nephilim. Number two, a little more character development would've been appreciated.

I liken Brynna to a blank slate or rather T-1000 (a better machine that has perfected human tics and very very hard to kill), a terminator without the directive to kill. She is on earth with a limited understanding of things and she wants to know. OMG, she's like Ariel and T-1000 combined!