Coming Home - Mariah Stewart
This is the perfect book to read on the beach or by the pool because there is little to no thought required with this book.

Everything is spelled out and ordered and there are very little surprises.

That doesn't mean this is a bad thing. Sometimes you just want a fluffy fiction book.

This book suffered from a few things, lack of a built up backstory, little tension between the leads, too many switches of POV to Hal, not enough Steffie and Beck, old-fashioned dialogue (what thirty something says "Oh you!") and an indecisive genre (is it romance? is it mystery? is it romantic-thriller?).

Vanessa, the main character, has had a bit of a rough past. Two abusive marriages and a shitty mother (think of the mother in Hitchock's Marnie only less physically abusive and not a prostitute) she is in St. Dennis, Maryland after finding her half-brother and his father and creating a second family with them. She has her own store, her own home and a variety of friends. Most importantly, she is her own woman now and she has her family to support her.

Good for her.

Except she's a bit boring.

Grady, the male lead, had the potential to be pretty damn awesome but he ended up just being a stock grieving-widow-with-deep-familial betrayal-and-less-than-perfect-marriage-that-turns-the-wife-into-a-bad wife-so-it's-ok-to-sleep-with-and-have-a-new-relationship-with-someone else. And all without enough backstory for me to care about whether his wife was truly nuts or not.

About halfway through the book, all the little tiny instances (that would have had me connecting the dots and telling my police family) that make you go hmm, explode and the book becomes a mystery (?). The romance is rushed and the sex scenes were pretty clean and boring and the mystery (?) was easily solveable because there wasn't really a mysterious villain.

I know it sounds like I might be shitting on this book but I'm not. I plan on reading the rest in the series.

Just don't expect too much from it and you're good.