A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair, Book 1) - Allison Pang

What? I'm so sad. So confused. So....bereft.

How could you end it like that Ms. Pang!? How!!!!

Anyhoo. Though this book took me awhile to read, it had nothing to do with the story or the actual writing. I was just busy. I point this out to anyone who actually pays attention to how long it takes someone to read a book.

So while I was a bit confused at the beginning of the book, I did enjoy that the reader was sort of dropped into this world and learned along with Abby. For the pieces of information that we didn't know (and that Abby did) the story was compelling enough to follow until you got the answers.

I liked Abby. She was spunky and flawed. She has physical and emotional problems and it doesn't seem to diminish her drive. She's quippy and dogged and some of the things that come out of her mouth, have definitely come out of mine. So, that's a bonus. The Relatability factor.

Even her discovering that she's a Keystone and that she is a Dreamer was interesting and not forced and it didn't feel like the heavy hand of the author. It happened naturally and the explanations all made sense. Going back and reading the Brystion scene at the very beginning made a whole lot more sense to me.

Brystion, well, he's just sex on a stick. :) I love his personality and his creation and situation actually draws sympathy. You grow fond of Ion and his smug, sarcastic, confidence.

Even his betrayal. The whole entire time I kept thinking, this has to be a mistake. This has to be a mistake. Tell me that the author is going to introduce him as a double agent and that he really didn't betray Abby like we though. Sigh. Though I was wrong, I'm glad it didn't go down like that because it would have been a cop out and I would've lost respect for the writing and the characters. .

He was a good foil to Robert, who was just a nutjob whom I hated pretty much the whole book. Whatever softer side there was supposed to be I didn't see it. I hope he mellows out toward Abby in the next book otherwise I'm going to be rooting for a ton of bricks to land on his head.

I love the Unicorn! Phineas is the stock-sidekick furry magical animal character but one with panache! He's a freakin' pervy Unicorn, that's the best kind of character to dream up because no one expects that. Just like the Spanish Inquisition.

The relationship. Was hot. Steamy, sensual and just plain nice. It wasn't too much, it wasn't too little it was jusssst right. I say this as a person who tends not to like Incubus/Succubus stories or characters. In this instance, I was glad to be proven wrong in my dislike. Brystion is a very caring, insecure and sexy mo-fo. Abby is brash, guarded and just the right kind of strong. BUT However, when Abby 'dreamed' the rape. I felt for him. I was so sad! Then the final scene....why did he have to go? Tell me he'll be back. Please?! And Abby being stubborn about it drove me bonkers. You love, you do what you must. Why Brystion left, why he didn't try to work it out and why he sort of still hangs around - at the Hallows with varying TouchStones- is beyond me. I wasn't expecting him to be a brooding poet and just hang out in the shadowy corners of Abby's Heart (I mean, he's gotta feed), I don't get why he didn't stick it out. I mean, I know it's a wound to think that the one you love will not only imagine that you will rape and cut them, but to not accept you - I get it. But it's worth working out. I liked them together man, they were fun!!! They're better not be a Talliver triangle because that won't fly with me.

This isn't your standard Urban Fantasy Romance. It's also a boon for nerds. Alice in Wonderland quotes, WOW jokes, a Rilo Kiley reference....sweet.