Beg For Mercy - Toni Andrews

I'm not sure where this would be located in the literary spectrum. Is it a romance? No, not really. There is some smexy but not so much that this is what the book is about. Is it a mystery? Well, sort of but we kind of know what happened and who the guilty party is. There's some blackmail I guess not really a mystery. Sci-Fi/Fantasy? Well maybe. There's some empathy/telepathy thing going on.

Was is good?

Meh. It was entertaining but the plot wasn't as developed as it should've been, the love interest could've used more of a dimension and the mystery should've been a mystery.

If you want a better mix of the aforementioned genre you should try Linda Lael Miller's "Mojo" books

Otherwise, if you own this book, you might as well read it.