Raven Calls  - C.E. Murphy
Unfortunately not the best book in the series. It suffers from lack of clear direction and plot confusion. The writing, which I usually love, is jumbled and at times repetitive.

I still love Jo and can't wait for the next adventure. I will say that this does suffer from a lack of Morrison and the fact that they said they love each other over the phone without any real buildup toward a relationship beside the kiss in the last book and the UST throughout the series actually took me aback. If that was going to happen, Morrison should've showed up and it be done face to face .

However, all the time loops close and some scars are healed while other goodbyes are made more final. This was more of a story about Sheila and Jo's relationship with her. Also with Jo's search for justice and a cure. Morrison, as always, was her anchor while Gary was her right hand. At times it was confusing and dense but during the action scenes and the times Jo bared her soul, it was quite riveting.

There is a new character on the scene, one I hope we meet again.

Also, as an amateur Ancient Irish historian, I liked the heavy influence of the Celtic mythologies. There were certain things I took issue with (but only from a personal POV as opposed to any historical inaccuracies) and it's clear the Murphy has done her homework. She also did a very good job of explaining events, places and Gaelic to the readers.

The next book brings us back to America and I'm eagerly awaiting "Mountain Echoes".

***** I have to warn any readers that if they haven't read any of the first six they will be horribly confused. The writing can be dense and twisty and I, as an avid reader of this series, found myself confused at times. I don't recommend this for anyone who hasn't read what has come before.