Ink Flamingos - Karen E. Olson
"I guess we've got a thing."

Hell yeah! I'm thoroughly addicted to Brett and her rag tag band of reluctant sleuths. Jeff is back and we learn more about him and just what he thinks of Brett. Brett, is at times, whiny, skittish and annoying but she quickly redeems herself with her sleuthing. She really is like a magnet and it works. I think if she were more aggressive all the time, the series would fall flat.

In this installment, someone is impersonating Brett, stalking her and just generally making her life miserable. How? Trying to tank her business, setting her up for murder and helping to end her relationship with her current boyfriend.

Brett's not good at sitting around and doing nothing so she doesn't. However, her persistence lands her in hot water with her brother as well as the police.

Flamingos, kisses, casinos and murder. What could possibly go wrong?