Firelight - Kristen Callihan
Seriously the best book of 2012 thus far. There were a few bumps and a couple of purple prose incidents but all in all, you would be an idiot to skip out on this book.

Strong allusions to Psyche & Cupid, which I found more prevalent than Beauty & the Beast especially the scene when Miranda lights up the room and corners him and he cowers in fear and shame. Very Psyche & Cupid minus the whole being punished for looking upon your husband with its own touch of mystery, sensuality and presence.

It almost gets a five but there were parts of the story where the scenes were being choked by purple prose and could have been edited down. All in all, great story, strong hero and heroine (who are emotional but not fragile)and a HEA that is well deserved. I look forward to the next book, I'm just sad that Miri and Archer are not the mains.