Shadowflame - Dianne Sylvan

Seriously? Are you? This is a joke right? This is Fother Mucking joke, RIGHT? Because I can't. I *pinches self* I'll wake up. I'll wake up.

Click for spoilers and curse words because I'm just so...

Lee Pace My eyes

Seriously, I'm about to rant, there is a spoiler here. I'm giving you time....

URGH! It was a good book, it was getting good and then BAM. Just like that it turned to shit.

I didn't know, I didn't realize that a series that had started off pretty amazing could just....crumble like that.


I feel like I'm the one who has been betrayed because WHAT?

Ok, ok, take a deep breath. Calm down. You were warned, you were warned.

I should've listened.

First, we are introduced to the nonsense of Kat. I don't care about her, she's a worthless character. Let's pretend she doesn't exist because Miranda pretty much does all through the first book.

Speaking of..


is this a bizarro world book? Because all the characters have been switched with weird angsty, vengeful stupid poppets.

I get that Miranda should grow stronger and learn from her experience but to get all Amazon Queen so quickly is very very weird and judging from the first book, Miss Grey must have memory loss because she wouldn't react to certain things this way. She turned all Sarah Connor us with no explanation and without the decency of restraint.

So thanks Miranda for switching bodies with a 2-d super villain.

Also, I don't buy it for one second that this new terminator like Miranda would sleep with David after what he did. She had made a point to tell him that it was only him and he had said the same thing in the previous book.

David. Oh holy Shit David. What the fuckity fuck? Seriously.

1. You didn't even flesh out a full argument about Hart's Harem with Miranda, you sort of just went "i said so." The David I knew would've at least tried to explain that he gets it without having to be asked.

2. You were quite insensitive about the rapes David. You might want to try with a little compassion. I mean, you had compassion in the first book. Why be a jerk now?

And I could forgive this apparent bizarro David if he hadn't gone and fucked someone else. Never mind that he had sex but he made love with a man when we were given no indication that he even cared about Deven that way until about three pages before it happened. Jeezum Crepes David! At least a little warning before you flip everythign.


I get that vampires get off on tons of things and I get that it's possibly that a man who had nothing but hetero sex with complete strangers in the first book could suddenly have sweet sweet man love with another character that we know little about.

Stick to the script writer! You can't suddenly change his orientation because it suits you. You can't change his inclination because it suits you. The David from the first book wouldn't have slept with another person because he supposedly loves Miranda. PLUS, he had helped her after the rapes and he knows she's still kind of vulnerable. You mean to tell me, he couldn't keep it in his fucking pants?


Also, this cheating/sexuality plot has nothing to do with the story. All it did was drive the point home that the characters were not acting like themselves.

Seriously, I don't care that he cheated with a guy (ok, I'm a little bothered but that has everything to do with continuity and development)
And, it's not so much the sex. In a different book with different characters and a different fucking plot, then yes, it would be cool. However, the readers that have spent time getting into this world, sympathizing with the characters and generally willing to suspend their disbelief for however long it takes to read the damn book, have had the wool severely pulled the fuck over the eyes.




I had to stop at this point because I'm not nearly as forgiving as Miranda or any of the other readers who managed to read the rest of this travesty.

It had so much potential, so much awesomeness! The writing wasn't bad either but good lord the direction it took. Like a cow trying to drive stick.

Just. I. Can. Not.

*drops mic