Shotgun Sorceress - Lucy A. Snyder
So I dug the first book in this series. I sort of liked Jessie Shimmer, a warped and damaged young lady with a penchant for shooting off her mouth and bad judgment. Pal was the equalizer and I felt for him in the first book.

Warlock was an interesting character and so was Mother Karen.

The world building was pretty sweet and the idea that magic isn't just faeries and fireflies was a breath of fresh air. The grimness, the terror and the grittiness of the premise was great.

Not so much in this book. Granted, I didn't get far with reading and once I got past a certain page I pretty much skimmed to see if anything caught my eye that would induce me to continue. Plenty made me want to stop and I'm not too upset that I didn't continue.

The first book, while I liked the premise etc., I thought it was a mediocre book with great potential. The second book stayed mediocre for me. Jessie became grating and way too selfish for me, Cooper became this passive-aggressive character (literally) while incidents involved Miko and Warlock drove me crazy. It seemed a bit out of character and very much like a betrayal. Which would've been fine. If it had made sense to me.

Again, I would probably read another series by the author (her writing style is good) but this one just isn't for me anymore.