Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, Book 1) - Linda Robertson
So I understand what the book was about but it didn't quite complete the task that the it was out for.

The mystery wasn't quite solved and the perpetrator wasn't brought to justice and all I got was more questions than answers.

This book had a heck of a lot of potential and a lot of stuff was left unanswered as more things were introduced. Seph had potential as a character as did Johnny and Demeter. I'm not a fan of Menessos so if he was supposed to be a sympathetic character I never received the memo. I very much was on Johnny's side about killing the son of a bitch .

The dialogue could've been a little less stilted and Persephone's own prejudices could've been explored a bit more. I like Johnny and his actions at the end of the book didn't sway me from disliking him. In fact, his actions were the only thing that made sense. Seph was right to be angry but I hope it doesn't carry over to far.

Again, this book had potential and it kept my interest but it also left me confused.

I will say that the magic and the tarot were well researched. Also, the idea that vampires are gross but pretty isn't new but the way that Robertson explained their smell and their powers as well as Menessos' wound was very intriguing.

I want to know more but I don't know if I'm gagging for it.