The Becoming - Jeanne C. Stein
This was pretty meh to me. Could've been better, could've been worse. Sort of like an old Sillouhette novel in terms of easy/quick reading and it runs smooth enough to get a 3 for readability.

However, I find myself not really caring about Anna. I mean, I cared and was on her side up until the sudden sleeping with a man you don't know and then I wanted to hit her. I mean, I get it. I understand why it happened but how this wasn't the same as what happened to her before, I don't know. She trusted too easily and yes, she's not a detective but holy hell, if she had rubbed two brain cells together then I wouldn't have had to read another hundred and some odd pages.

Also, since I didn't really know too much about Anna I couldn't say whether or not her reactions were in character but I will say that Avery changed from day to night (not literally) from one chapter to the next. Also, Max is listed in the synopsis where the hell did he go for most of the book and why didn't he bother to check up on his girlfriend? I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't have been more worried about the but, the hospital scrubs and the fact that she showed up in Mexico when our first introduction to him was his barking in to the phone jealousy

It could've been a better book, it wasn't and that's ok. It's like Vampire lite.