Bitten in Two - Jennifer Rardin
Fire & Thud by Arctic Monkeys. Do yourselves a favor, listen to this song after you read the book. You'll understand why I'm shouting this song out as a good theme song for "Bitten in Two" (Of course there a few others but this one happened to be on my iPod while I wrote this and it was an a-ha moment)

"The day after you stole my heart
Everything I touched told me
It would be better shared with you, with you"

Knowing that this was going to be the second to last book in the Jaz series, I am ignoring a few things that irk me (Jaz's head dialogue with her Granny and such that was confusing because of the way it was framed; the fact that Cassandra wasn't in this one; and the flashback explanations at the beginning of the book that were confusing and needed to be read thrice) and instead am going to focus on the things that I liked.

I liked the idea of Vayl not remembering anything about Jaz and the rest of the team. There was something visceral about Jaz's reaction anytime she looked at her love and realizing that he had no idea who she was. It was also bittersweet when he still hungered for her after seeing her picture but not realizing Jaz was standing in front of him. Just like Jaz, it gave me hope that Vayl would return soon.

I wanted to wreck Kyphas throughout the whole book. I think there might have been one spot where I sympathized with her and then quickly shoved it aside Especially after what she did to Cole. {Holy shit, that's a great plot turn and I imagine that it will be explored more in the next, and unfortunately, last book}. When Bergman became all Die Hard/Dirty Harry Kyphas, I clapped like nobody's business. In my head. Like Jaz does.

There were a few more scenes that really stood out to me, like when Jaz walks through Vayl's memories or any of their battle/fight scenes. Not to mention Vayl and Jaz's reunion scene. Can't look at a glass table the same way. Not to mention when Vayl finally came to his senses and killed that Magician guy and no one stopped him because for God's sake, they shouldn't have. If/When we meet Roldan, I can't wait to see what Vayl does! Also, when Vayl tells Jaz that he's lost most of his powers that he's honed over the years. I just felt that loss. Vayl being Vayl doesn't really react but there's something about the lack of emotion that screams what he's feeling. Also, another great scene is the car scene when Vayl tells Jaz that he's "loved you with all of my being" since the first time that they met. Sigh. I love them together.

Jaz is still kick-ass but she's a little more emotional in this installment and it balances real well. She still has Brude rattling around her head and the fact that she has two problems to deal with really stretch her out and make the final battle that much more poignant when you realize what she's had to endure throughout the book.

Despite it's jumpiness and slightly fractured narrative, I still enjoyed this book. It will also carry a bittersweet connotation because the author died a few months before this was published. Not to mention, that this book might have made more sense in the long run (don't mind this if you haven't started the next book)if Ms. Rardin had still been alive. There's a lot in the book that could've been carried for another couple of books. I believe that she had planned for ten before she passed.

In this case, while this book may not be a shining example of her excellent writing and biting dialogue, this is still a good entry in this series.