The Deadliest Bite (Jaz Parks) - Jennifer Rardin

For the last book this left something to be desired. Understandably so as Jennifer Rardin died before this book was released and who knows what the editing team did or whether it was complete before release. All I know was that I would've liked one more maybe two more books (which I thought had been the plan all along) to sort of wrap up the Demon (C, I'm looking at you) storyline as well as the Children of Vayl plotline.

Be that as it may, it was still entertaining if a little lackluster and will still remain one of my favorite series. Jaz is still a bit schizo but this time she has every right to be because she's gotta get Brude out of her head by taking a trip down to hell - again. And this time, she may not make it back. Which would suck because she's got a lot to look forward to on Earth.

As usual I love the Vayl and Jaz dynamic but I could've had more Scooby Gang.

I'll be reading the standalones but this series as well as Jennifer Rardin will be sorely missed.