Fools Rush In - Kristan Higgins
The first half of this book had me severely contemplating smacking the heroine upside the head. She's a doctor, she's smart, amiable and a good person but her actions were sooo stupid.

Millie wasn't a fully developed person until about 3/4 of the way through the book and thank god for that because while she sometimes irritated me, I felt she deserved better and by the end of the book, she got what she deserved.

This was a book where the leads were absolutely right for each other but they didn't dance around each other so we got to know both of them and their relationship. I liked watching the relationship evolve but could've done without the soap opera climax.

Higgins has a gift for side characters and I have to admit that I liked Danny and Katie.

You can tell that this book was her debut and it's not a bad one at that, if this had been the first Higgins books I'd read (this is the third) I'd still continue. She has a way of writing women who can be charming, self-deprecating and relatable. I might not always relate (and Callie Grey is still my favorite so far) to the characters but I do manage to enjoy them.