Fatal Fixer-Upper - Jennie Bentley
This book actually surprised me. I've had this on my shelf for the past year (maybe?) and finally took it out because I was in a Cozy Mystery mood.

Glad I bought it on a whim (or drunken expenditure, who knows) and even happier that I read it.

It's a fairly quick read and the pacing is fast enough that you don't realize that you're seventy pages in. Also the book does not get bogged down with tips and tricks even though it's a cozy. I liked that, it allowed the reader to stay focused on the characters and the mystery.

When it came to describing the characters it wasn't exactly done with enough description that I truly got any idea of what people looked like. I know Kate is a red-head and Derek is sort of blonde (and sexy) but do they have any other interesting attributes other than blanket statements? And the main character, what does she look like really? Does she really look like Tinkerbell? Also, I'm unclear if she has curly or wavy or just plain frizzy hair. If that's the case why the hell is she brushing her hair upside down until it crackles? As a mixed-race person with curly hair that can be unmanageable on my worst days and annoying on the best, hearing that made me cringe. All I imagined was some weird 70's hippie hair that was neither cute or sexy.

Also, knee injuries tend to take longer to heal.

Other than that, it was who-dunnit that I didn't see coming. There was a decent amount of suspects in the stew with just enough suspicion cast on all of them. The tension between Derek and Avery was just right and I was rooting for Avery the whole time. So, if you can root for your heroine, you know you're on the right track.

Anyway, while the writing could be spiced up just a bit, it was still an enjoyable book with a cast of characters I will be visiting again.

I will say that this book made me want to learn how to do a mosaic.