Alien in the Family - Gini Koch
This is a solid four.

In this installment, Kitty and Jeff are getting ready to tie the knot. Except Kitty is too worried about her own 'readiness' + the continual threat of the world being taken over to spend too much time wondering which centerpiece works.

It's still an action packed story with people surviving impossible odds and doing implausible things whilst trying to survive and there's always a Hail Mary thrown in, but still it's a good sci-fi romp that is both funny and intriguing.

My problems with this story have very little to do with the plot or plots or Routine. It's to do with the characters.

Kitty is a modern woman who has some very modern relationships, she also seems a bit too obsessed with sex, and as such is questioning whether or not she and Jeff should get married. I'm sure all brides have thought this (I didn't but then I didn't marry my husband after only being with him for a year)and it makes sense that Kitty has her moment of emotional crisis and thank God Reader is there for her because if they had picked any other character to deal with her, it would've quickly went from honest worry to sex-driven nympho.

So yeah, Kitty's insecurity was a bit bothersome because that should have been handled much earlier. What bugged me the most is the constant sex. I mean, don't get me wrong, if you take a look at my shelves you'll see that I like a little sex with my stories. The problem is that Kitty and Jeff having sex has become a joke and seriously the constant orgasms are annoying. I'm saying this because I'm 30% jealous of a fictional character but the other 70% is just sheer boredom. Ok, I get it, Jeff is freaking awesome in bed.. How about having a relationship? How about treating Jeff like you treat Chuckie? He's your boyfriend/Fiance/Husband so try treating him as something other than a slab of meat because if you don't then you should be worried about your relationship.

Which brings me to Jeff. I love Jeff but good lord he was this shy of whiny in this book. Not to mention his possessive/jealousy is getting old. Kitty doesn't really do much of the flirting anymore but unless you're gonna lock her up in a room for the rest of your life, then bro needs to learn to deal. In any other book, had the author not a gift for writing dialogue and characters, Jeff would be the creepy stalker that ends up shot by the police after trying to break into his ex's house one too many times. I think we need to lay off of the Jealous Jeff thing and move on lest he become a caricature of himself.

Soo besides the two mains treading the line between angst and dysfunctional, it was a very good book and an interesting installment. There were some sentimental moments that saps like me enjoyed and some kick-ass moments that hard-asses like me enjoyed and last but not least it culminated in the union between Kitty and Jeff which should lead to some interesting adventures going further.

I will have to admit, that the last fifty pages of the book (the wedding stuff) could've been cut or edited heavily and possibly released as a short story because it was extraneous to the main plot and didn't need to be there however interesting and nice it was.

Anyhoo, solid plot but I'm concerned for the characters if the author keeps pushing the angst button. Oh! And no rape threats or jokes. That shit isn't funny