Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase
Somewhere between 3.8 and 4.2


I wanted to read this forever due to everyone's enthusiasm for the book. And it was...good. Not earth shattering or steam-up-my-glasses but good. I just don't know what to say. Please see Mal's reaction for mine as I closed the book.

Half the time I wanted to beat the crap out of Dain, which seems to be what you should want to do but the oscillation of wanting to hug him or throttle him was not nearly as bad as when he was condescending or sarcastic. Somehow when other rakes do that in other books, I have less of a violent reaction. So that's actually a boon to the story if the author can make me want to react physically to a fiction book.

Jessica was actually my favorite of this story because I could completely see myself doing everything she did.

Only when Dain relaxed did I honestly enjoy him and his witty banter. I loved Jess and Dain's conversations and how she was so matter-of-fact about some of his more 'high strung' notions. His is a character with deep enough issues that therapy would definitely help. I know this because while I could do what Jess did, I understand some of Dain's issues.

Character's aside, let's talk about the actual plot/writing arc - the book read like two books cobbled together into one with the ties being Jess and Dain. Some key things, to me, were glossed over and swept aside. Like, where did Genevieve go? I liked her. One sentence to explain her disappearance? Bertie? He was such a big annoying part of the first half of the book, where did he go?

Also, the sudden switch of POV's to Vwarty (or whatever his name was) to make it seem like it was suddenly going to be a mystery? What? Huh?

So, why does the book rate so high?

The characters, mainly Jessica, and Dain's realization that things are bigger than even he is pulled me in and made me care about the resolutions to their problems. Dain's slow de-thawing and eventual handling of his own emotional problems was well worth it. I sympathized with him a lot more when Jess gave him the obediant wife role. Which is something I can't pull off for longer than five minutes so kudos to her for being able to pull it off for a month and started to understand him more when he started treating her like a person instead of a fear. As to his tempers, well, I can honestly sympathize and understand those.

So the book will stay firmly in the range set above and nothing will induce me to change it. I'd like to see you try ;)