The Duke of Shadows - Meredith Duran

There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed and there were others that were hard for me to believe. I was never a huge fan of Emma (I found her whiny and narrowminded in the beginning and then cold and cruel in the second half) and really wanted her to forgive Julian sooner rather than later.

Being that this book is a two parter, there was a missing chunk of time that is alluded to and was well explained without becoming expository. What bugged me though is the idea that Julian lived very close to Emma and still never found her. It wasn't his fault and I don't blame him for anything but that kind of mis-happenstance bugs the crap out of me . On top of that, I felt there were a lot of leaps and jumps in the second half of the book and while the book was long enough, I really felt that there should have been an additional chapter or three to really go into Emma's change of heart. That happened too suddenly for me.

I did really enjoy her depiction of India under British rule. I enjoyed the description of the landscape, the people and the customs. In fact I wish there had been more description about that! I like that India is almost a character and through the land both Julian and Emma change. I really liked Kavita and wished we could have seen her again.

As much I love the Lady of Shallot, it wouldn't immediately induce me to make a 180 in my life.

It's a low 4 because though it was well written, I was neutral toward the heroine(although, she was quite feisty and I found I liked her better when she was harder) and I couldn't fully reconcile the story with the second part of the book doing plot acrobats.

However, I will check Ms. Duran out again.