An Offer From a Gentleman - Julia Quinn

Another entertaining and good story (solid writing and dialogue +5 charisma points) about the Bridgerton clan. This one is about Benedict or Number Two and Sophie Beckett, the bastard by-blow of a jerk Earl.

It's pretty much Cinderella retold and you know from the start the kind of life that Sophie is going to have to lead. However, it's a nice twist because it plants Cinderella (Sophie in this case) in the early Regency period of London and she is forced to experience that life in all of its ugly ways.

Enter Benedict, they met at a masquerade ball and Sophie fell in love with him from the word 'get'. Benedict fell as well but three years have passed and Benedict hasn't found his mystery woman but he has found Sophie about to be gang raped and he saves her, bringing her back to his cottage and then promising her a position in his mother's household. However, Benedict starts to fall for Sophie and it is sweet and slow but like most men, he bungles it by asking her to be his mistress. She would love nothing more than to be with the man she loves but not under those circumstances. So, back to the blistering chemistry and wordplay.

We all know that this story ends happily but it's a great ride getting there. I really felt for Sophie and those harrowing moments she experienced, I definitely gasped in the middle of the train (which is where I read a majority of this). I rejoiced with her and I felt for her. I also really liked Benedict, he's softer than Anthony and it was nice to see that. I'm still a little annoyed with Daphne so every time I see her in a scene I sort of frown.

Anyhoo, good story, re-imagined plot, excellent dialogue and the scenes between Benedict and Sophie were fraught with chemistry and something a touch deeper; love.