A Parfait Murder - Wendy Lyn Watson
This installment of Tally's adventures was a twisty one indeed.

Tally was doing fine until the Big Reveal #1 when I wanted to slap her upside her head it reminded me, for a moment, of Gilmore Girls when Lorelei finds about Luke's kid and is shocked and angry, which is understandable but then she becomes all weird about it. Well, Tally, who is understandably weirded out to find out that her niece could eventually become her step-daughter, nearly throws away an EXCELLENT relationship because she can't get past something that happened 18 years ago when she was no longer with Finn and was in fact married to another man when Bree and Finn had their one night stand. Do not get me wrong, I would be really pissed on the grounds that he should've been off limits but instead of rationalizing all of this, she verbally punches her cousin in the face, pushes Finn out of the way and then has the gall to still ask him to help with the investigation! Tally, I get half of what you're saying but you should also realize that the man you love has just learned he has a daughter, the niece you adore has had her world turned upside down and your cousin who is like a sister to you is having the worst moments of her life right in front of you. I agree with Peachy when she said you need to put your 'big girl pants' on.

Now, I sort of knew the family thing from the beginning (Check my updates) but the Who-Dunnit was not who I thought it was and that was surprising.

The book itself eventually balances itself out but at times it felt like it was heavy in one direction and sort of ambling along. Things are brought up that are very interesting and I wish we could go into it more but other parts could've been left out or noted in a sentence or two.

I couldn't put it down though, so something was done right.