Halfway Hexed - Kimberly Frost

If you're a fan of these series, this one is a must. Tammy is growing up and taking things with a bit more stride than she did at first.

Zach wasn't in this book and for that I can't be upset about that. It was a Bryn and Tammy book. We learned more about their families, their feelings and what their powers can do.

Also, I have never been so happy to see a decanter of alcohol.

At turns sweet and sexy, this book is just right for those that want a light summer read with magic and mayhem.

A part of me wishes that Tammy had chosen to trust Bryn without having to take a trip down memory. I can only imagine how much that would hurt me. Also, Tammy was definitely the child that the prophecy was talking about. There is no other explanation.

It reminds me of a the Sookie stories (the charm and the spunk) with a dash of the "In Death Series" by JD Robb. Bryn reminds me too much of Roarke, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!