The Viscount's Wicked Ways - Anne Mallory

I really enjoyed the characters and the banter between them. Patience is intelligent and clever but can be a bit of a nosy body as well as someone who doesn't always think before she speaks. However, she isn't too extreme and in that way she doesn't become a caricature. Instead, she is like that warm sweet friend that you have who is a little ditzy and sometimes too generous but one that you love to bits anyway.

Thomas, well I suppose he could've been a little more 'tortured' because that part about his sister came a little late in the game. Again, he was not a caricature of the roguish man who wants to tempt the little sheep just because he can, but then again, he also wasn't that dimensional.

All in all, it was a fun, interesting read that could've been a bit more developed both character and plot wise. If you own a copy or find it in your hands I'd read it but it's not something you need to go out of your way for.