The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin
Honestly, I don't know where to begin with this book.

I did not really enjoy the first portion of this book. It was well-written, beautifully written actually, the backdrop of the world was rich and lush but I felt the atmosphere more than I Felt Yeine. I liked her enough but I didn't care about what happened to her. Through the first portion of the story, anyone could have been the narrator and it wouldn't have affected the story.

Until I hit the halfway mark. Things picked up, Yeine became a lot more interesting, and maybe that had something to do with the way that her life was beginning to unravel and spin out, and I fell deeper for Sieh and Nahadoth. Not Naha, Nahadoth.

I could tell you what this story was about but that's what the synopsis is for. I could go over every little detail of the book but that's what other reviews are for.

This book carries elements of Egyptian & Greek mythologies with a Middle Eastern hint. There are class issues, family issues, power struggles and loneliness to contend with in a place that looks perfect but like everything is a mask.

That's what this book seems to be about, masks. Hiding away that which is important. Not revealing what is part of you due to ignorance or survival.

It's also about love. Familial, humanitarian, romantic and love of one's home.

"Then warn them, Minister Gemd. The next time I'm forced to do this, two hundred will suffer instead of two. If they press the issue, two thousand. You chose this war, not I. I will not fight fairly."

Yeine is at first intangible and I found her to be inaccessible until she uttered the words above. That was the first time I truly saw her as a person, as a person who was changing into something that she needed to be in order to save what she loved best. To don a different mask than what she was comfortable with.

So while I may not have cared to much about the beginning of the book, the second half was amazing and taken as a whole this book is definitely worth reading. It is not your typical fantasy fare. It doesn't necessarily end the way most fantasies end but it ends like it should and that is all that matters.