Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh
Why didn't I read this sooner?

Who cares. The point is that I did. In one day.

This book had all the makings of a cliched PNR. Strong female with a bad sense of self-preservation and a stronger power that was wrapped in a sexy as all hell wrapping.

And that's where it stops. I'm not huge on Angels. I mean, I like 'em and I'll read them but I'm more about Weres and other shifters.

Elena is one tough cookie and Raphael is as well. They remind me of a stronger Eve and Roarke (from JD Robb's "In Death" series) with the same electrifying chemistry and the push/pull of not wanting to get involved but can't deny how they physically feel.

With a psychotic angel going around killing folks, in large quantities, Raphael - the Archangel of NY and that of half of the US - needs a qualified born hunter who can track an angel who is not an angel. Enter Elena, a woman with a dark and damaged past but a woman is both tough and compassionate. While there are times I wanted to shake my head and just nudge her arm to tell her to shut up, she was very rarely wrong and fear, well fear can make you stupid.

The actual plot though, of the pyscho angel, didn't really start until halfway in. Before that is the dance that Elena and Raphael do and while not boring, a part of you wonders when the actual mystery will get solved.

Also, the one part of the book that didn't need to be in there was the "Quiet" moment. It was great but logically I didn't understand why that choice was made.