Kissing Santa Claus - Donna Kauffman, HelenKay Dimon
The first one, "Lock, Stock and Jingle Bells" was a pretty good story, some editorial fixes needed to be made but satisfactory.

So far "Bah Handsome" the second story really got me. The writing was fresh, witty and sexy and I liked the two main characters enough to wish that there had been a longer book on top of that I liked the secondary characters enough to wish that there had been another book about them. Sheesh, I'm going to have to find more from this woman because our writing styles are similar (except she's more polished) and I've never read a love scene in the freezing cold that was as sexy as hers.

I couldn't read the third one because I just couldn't get into it.

All in all this anthology is a 3.5 and that's primarily due to the Jill Shalvis story. Looks like I've found myself another romance writer to check out.