Chocolat, Volume 1 - Ji-Sang Shin, Geo
I've never been in a fan club nor have I ever really been that starstruck (I've seen stars and I have to admit the only person I really freaked out about was Jason Jones from The Daily Show the rest I had my freak out moment in my head and carried on) however Kum-Ji, well, she's a fangirl.

She becomes a member of the fan club for Yo-I, a band that plays at the same venues and concerts as her favorite band DDL, a band that she missed the cutoff point to become an official fan member for.

Herein lies the rub. E-Soh, a member of Yo-I, meets Kum-Ji on the elevator and they come to blows. Kum-Ji doesn't recognize that the boy she's beating up is part of the band she's supposed to show reverence for. On top of that, E-Soh, with his beautiful face and demonic soul quickly finds out what Kum-Ji is doing; trying to get close to DDL by being a fan of Yo-I. She becomes his slave. However, she has to contend the real fan members of Yo-I, their leader Barbie (I know, very Korean)as well as her people (the DDL fans). It's a sordid story and so far nothing seems as it should.

Is E-Wan really a jerk, is E-Soh really that evil, is Barbie really that nice?

I'm going to go with no on all counts but I won't know until I keep reading.