Spun By Sorcery - Barbara Bretton
This is really bordering on the 3.5 to me and that's only because Bretton introduced Samuel and we got a glimpse of Aerynn.

Chloe and Luke have just defeated Isadora (literally just finished, this book starts where the other finished) and they realize that oops, the town is missing.

By missing I mean gone.

Ok, so here's the thing. Nothing really happened until toward the end of the book. Only "mysterious things" which did lead somewhere but could've been used so much better.

The Salem ghosts pop up only when it's convenient and even the chemistry between Luke and Chloe seemed a little (pardon the pun) lukewarm until the end. Janice wasn't as fun as usual and even Penny the cat annoyed me.

Chloe alternated between whiny and stubborn or feeling helpless and actually being helpless.

The whole thing just felt very 'hand of the author'. Everything happened with absolutely no subtlety and even the final battle felt rushed and only there to tie up what the author had already set in motion. It wasn't even that much of a battle.

On the whole, just very disappointed with this installment and hope for a better one next time.