Valor's Trial  - Tanya Huff
Very rarely do I give a book five stars but the fourth book in the Valor/Confederation series deserves it.

Torin is very much the gunnery sarge in this book but she's also more of a woman bringing together the two pieces of her personality and allowing her to survive another heinous mission that should have been routine.

Craig is in here - he's grown on me- as well as some favorites like Ressk and Mashone (sp?) but as always we get to meet some new characters that you get attached to which makes their fates so much more personal by the end of the book.

Torin saves the day yet again but there's a lot of sacrifice and loss and a lot of things to think about.

It seems that there might be room for another book but even if it ended on this wrapped up the series quite nicely and satisfyingly.