Cast in Fury - Michelle Sagara
My favorite of the series so far. Kaylin is growing up, slowly and painfully and well aware of her convictions. She is beginning to define herself by what she loves rather than what she is afraid of. She is slowly beginning to understand when silence is called for which was always Kaylin's problem.

The next book is entitled Cast in Silence I wonder if Kaylin is going to learn the value of silence even more :)

Severn is still a mystery but it is obvious that he cares for Kaylin because of who she is. Nightshade cares for Kaylin as well but I can't help but feel it's because of what she is.

There were a few typos in this book and it was mostly names being actively used when the character had not shown up in a few hundred pages (Kaylin calling someone Marcus when Marcus was not in the scene nor had he been involved for a few hundred pages) or in another example when there is teasing going on between Marcus' wives and Kaylin is supposed to be speaking but the author put Kayala (another wife and definitely not the one speaking). It's nothing that a diligent copy editor/proof reader couldn't catch.