Hook's Pan - Marie Hall
No. Just no.

Usually I don't review books I can't finish but since this is a NetGalley copy, here you go.

I love a good re-telling, especially where Captain Hook is a decent guy, but this?

I couldn't get past around 13%

I just didn't like the writing. Not to mention that Trisha was unbelievably annoying. Her dialogue, her instability, and her immaturity bugged me. Perhaps she got better but I couldn't help but see her as a whiny emotionally stunted little girl.

Hook seemed both homicidal and suicidal. A character trait that is tough to wrote because you have to invoke the right kind of sympathy at the right time, while simultaneously making the character intimidating and slightly psycho.

Hook walked a fine line but in the end I couldn't find myself caring.

Not to mention the bouncing around of POVs.

I do like Danika but as this book is not about her, I wasn't going to keep reading.

It's a good premise but I wasn't happy with, or interested in, the execution.

Please keep in mind: Other people seemed to enjoy it so perhaps I'm missing something.

This was just notshaping up to be my cup of tea.

*netgalley provided me with a copy and I exchange I give them my honest review.