House Rules  - Chloe Neill

This was just what I needed.

Ok, so there are issues with this book which is why it's a 4.5 instead of a 5. However, with the muck and the mire of crappy books out there, even the issues with this book trump most of the other stuff I've read lately.

Plus I love Merit. And Ethan. And Luc. And Lindsay. And Mallory.


So the issues were the plot was a bit slow. I was expecting a little more action and a little less drama ala Lacey Sheridan and the rat bastard GP and when the action came I was a bit underwhelmed.

This is a great bridge book though. There is a new arc in the series and this installment is the connection between the two.

There are some developments in the vampire/faery/shifter world. Some potential allies and some definite enemies (McKetrik anyone?) and the political landscape has changed. And not in the good way.

Cadogan house has "fallen" but in a good way. Ethan, Merit and the gang have a lot on their plates trying to get everything in order plus solve some vampire murders. Oh and then the arrival of Lacey Sheridan. Which of course causes more drama.

And unloads a secret that threatens to tear Ethan and Merit apart.

I do not like Lacey Sheridan.

Anyway, so with some slow pacing and a few high school drama points, this book dropped half a star. But if you're a Merit fan or a Chicagoland Vampire series fan, you'll read this and you'll pretty much enjoy it. For nothing else but Merit and Ethan. And Merit. She's pretty funny. :D